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K1 Visa Advantages

US EmbassyLets look at the advantages of having a K1 Visa and what the disadvantages are with regards to the K1 Visa and the K3 Visa or even the CR1 Visa. These are the basics highlighted of the Fiancee Visa application.

These are the advantages of the K1 Visa application:

  • You dont need to marry immediately on arrival;
  • Allows you 90 days to get married so your fiancee can see where you live;
  • You only need to deal with U.S. immigration officials in the US;
  • You dont need to deal with with local foreign procedures of marriage;
  • Your fiancee can get used to U.S. customs and language
  • 6-7 months processing time.
  • You can later apply for a Work Permit with an I-765

The only disadvantages are as follows with regards to the K1 Visa;

  • Close family and friends will NOT see your Fiance(e) get married in the U.S. unless they could manage to obtain another type of visa;
  • She has to apply for an Adjustment of Status after marriage;
  • She needs to apply for Advance Parole when leaving the US.

This sums up the K1 Visa or Fiancee Visa with both its disadvantages and advantages listed. Consider what would be easier for you and your fiancee. See also the advantages of the K3 Visa or CR1 Visa and compare the two.


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