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Adoption from Colombia

Adopting from Colombia has also become ore strict over the years. For children under the age of 6 at least one of the applicants will need to be of Colombian descent. Much like Chinese adoption the rules are become more strict and the wait times are increasing for the adoption process to complete. Colombia is a Hague Convention country and the adoption process in Colombia is managed by the  Instituto Colombiano Bienestar Familiar (ICBF).

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Adoption from China

The adoption wait times for China is very long. You may want to consider this when thinking of adopting from China. Below you will find the basics that the Chinese government requires. Note however that Taiwan has a different system to China which much shorter wait times. The current wait times for China is now at 9 years. Yes that is correct, the wait times for adoption from China is now at 9 years. Special needs children do take fewer years and you will have to speak to your agent about this.

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Adoption from Chile

If you are adopting from Chile then you can find the first steps to an inter-country adoption listed here under US adoptions. Much like other countries such as adoption in Bulgaria in Chile the country first has to try local adoptions before the child or children become available for a foreign adoption. All legal adoptions in Chile are done by the SENAME (Servicio Nacional de Menores). They manage all the adoptions in the country for Chile.

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Adoption from Bulgaria

If you are adopting from Bulgaria then you will need to meet the criteria for adoption from the USCIS as well as from the Bulgarian authorities. Under the laws of Bulgaria the government first has to try to place the child locally before the child is made available for an international adoption. The following would be the basics for adopting a child from Bulgaria.

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US Adoption – Eligibility to Adopt

The US adoption process starts with an application to the USCIS. Your application for adoption will have a completed a USCIS form as well as the home study, an application fee and all other supporting documents as needed. The form you will be using depends on the foreign country from which you are adopting from. For a Hague Convention country, file Form I-800A. For a country not party to the Hague Adoption Convention, use Form I-600A.

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US Adoption – Who can adopt

If you are going to adopt as an American citizen then there are rules for the adoption process. The first question is who can adopt a child and what is the process. We will start with who can adopt a child and bring the child back to the United States. Below you will find the listing for who can adopt.

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