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American Embassy in Algeria

The American Embassy in Algeria is located in Algiers and listed below including their contact numbers, a map to the embassy and also their telephone numbers. The embassy can issue you with a US visa such as a fiancee visa or your Algerian fiancee or a K3 Visa for your Algerian wife.

Speak to the embassy about other consular services such as marriage registration, renewing your passport or registering a death while in Algeria. You can also apply for a US passport at the embassy. See a detailed report on Algeria travel advice listed. Note that the US Embassy is not that far from the British Embassy in Algeria. The details are below.


United States Embassy in Algeria

05 Chemin Cheikh Bachir Ibrahimi
El-Biar 16030
Alger, Algerie


American Embassy in Algeria













Email: ConsularAlgiers@state.gov
Immigrant Visas or Diversity Visas
Email: IV-DVAlgiers@state.gov 

For American Citizen Services only
Email: ACSAlgiers@state.gov

American Citizen Services Emergency Contact  –   Tel: 0770-08-2032

For after-hours emergencies involving U.S. citizens, please call the Embassy Duty Officer at 0770-08-2000.


Algeria Public Holidays


Date English name
Sunday, 1 January New Year’s Day
Sunday, 5 February Prophet’s Birthday
Sunday, 8 April Easter Sunday
Monday, 9 April Easter Monday
Thursday, 5 July Independence Day (50th anniversary)
*Sunday, 19 August * Eid El-Fitr
*Monday, 20 August * Eid El-Fitr
Thursday, 1 November Revolution Day (58th anniversary)
*Friday, 26 October * Eid El-Adha
*Saturday, 27 October * Eid El-Adha
*Thursday, 15 November *Muharram
*Saturday, 24 November *Achoura
Tuesday, 25 December Christmas Day
Wednesday, 26 December Boxing Day


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