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US Embassy in Sana’a Yemen

US EmbassySana’a is the city where the US embassy in Yemen is located. This US embassy in Yemen will be able to issue you with a US visa to visit the US. You if have a fiancee in Yemen you can apply for a fiancee visa or a marriage visa if you are married to a citizen of Yemen.

The embassy also offers consular services such as birth and marriage registrations and they are also able to issue you a new passport. The contact details for the embassy and a map to the US embassy in Yemen is listed below.

US Embassy in Yemen

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US Embassy in Sana’a Yemen

Address: Sa’awan Street, P.O. Box 22347
Telephone: (967) 1 755-2000
Fax: Main (967) 1 303-182 Consular (967) 1 303-175
Emergency only: (967) 1 755-2000 (press zero for extension)


Consular Questions:

American Citizen Services: SanaaACS@state.gov
Non-Immigrant VisasNIVSanaa@state.gov
Immigrant Visas: IVSanaa@state.gov
DNA and Bone Age Testing: DNASanaa@state.gov

Operating Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m



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