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Why is the Vermont Service Center so slow?

US EmbassyI submitted my application for my fiance for her K1 Visa on 7/29/2012 and received NOA1 on 8/02/2012. Now awaiting the NOA2. This is a typical question which needs to be answered as people do become impatient when they don’t know what happens next or that they could be told that they cannot get a visa and that their visa has been denied.

It is not just the Vermont Service Center but the entire system. The reason is that they are honestly processing thousands of applications each day. Everyone’s case is more important than the next in their own opinion but as it relates to USCIS, process them as they get them. Painful but unfortunately the only thing that helps is patience. It may be another 5 or 6 months depending on the country she’s coming from.

Consider that each year the US government allows 1,000,000 foreigners into the United States and that all these visas need to be processed and backgrounds checked for fraud. It is a huge task and things do slow down from time to time. As stated it needs patience as it used to be even slower before the advent of the K1 Visa. It is not what you want to hear but you need to calm down and keep yourself occupied with other things while the wheels turn as you are not alone.

USCIS Processing Time Information

Vermont Service Center : (October 2013)

I-129F  : Petition for Alien Fiance(e) : K-1/K-2 – Not yet married – 5 Months

I-131 : Application for Travel Document : Advance Parole – 3 Months

All the service centers are at the same timelines looking at the USCIS website and this appears to be normal and not very unique to the Vermont Service Center as what you might imagine.


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