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K1 Visa in the Philippines or K3 Visa

This is a tough question as most Filipino women would not leave their country on a K1 visa and move to the US to be married as it would be out of tradition. When they leave the house of their parents it is respectful to leave as a married woman and not as a fiancee. The problem is the US visa and how best to move around this.

The K3 Visa takes much longer than the K1 visa and many opt to obtain the K1 Fiancee visa instead of the K3 visa which costs more but takes much longer. There appears to be two schools of thought. The first being to take your fiancee back to the US, get married in a normal civil wedding and then when done and having obtained advance parole to return to the Philippines for a proper wedding. This is what many are doing as it is less complicated.

The other option is to do the traditional wedding and then obtain a spouse visa or K3 visa for the US. It does cost more and it does take longer however with a CR1 visa option you would know that once she arrives in the US she can come and go to the US at will without additional paperwork being filed. Somewhere you need to make a compromise and see what it acceptable to the family if they are very traditional.

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