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US Visa Process

Why is the Vermont Service Center so slow?

US EmbassyI submitted my application for my fiance for her K1 Visa on 7/29/2012 and received NOA1 on 8/02/2012. Now awaiting the NOA2. This is a typical question which needs to be answered as people do become impatient when they don’t know what happens next or that they could be told that they cannot get a visa and that their visa has been denied.

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CR1 Visa Application

US EmbassyIf you are married and have not been married for more than 2 years then you can apply for a CR1 Visa where you are. This is the CR1 Visa process in order to bring your wife to the United States as quickly as possible.

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Notice of Action

US EmbassyThe phrase Notice of Action is a phrase which is used to state when the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services sends you a receipt to notify you that your application has been received. The Notice of Action is an acknowledgement of receipt.

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National Visa Center

There are two National Visa Center locations in the United States. Their job is to process you applications which has been sent from the USCIS where you had originally sent your documents to.

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US Visa Medical Examination

US EmbassyYou will need a medical examination if you are applying for a K1 Visa or a K3 Visa. This is done before the interview and needs to be submitted with your application. These are the basics and they do change so check the latest from the US government website for any minor updates which they might have added.

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US Fiancee Visa Process

US EmbassyIf you are applying to take your fiancee back to the US then the processes should be reasonably easy. These are the basics of the K1 visa process and the steps which do get followed. Speak to a lawyer if you are not certain about anything.

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Applying for a K1 Visa

US EmbassyIf you have a fiancee that is not a US citizen and you wish to take her back to the United States for the purposes of marriage then you need to apply for a US Fiancee Visa also known as a K1 Visa.

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Ineligible for US Visa

US EmbassyThere are certain conditions which the US government does not allow. These pertain to a spouse, fiancee or applicant who has either overstayed in the US before, has HIV/AIDS or other contraventions of the US immigration laws.

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US Spouse Visa : Documents Need

US EmbassyThese are the documents that would bee needed if you are applying for a K3 Visa or as it is also known a US Spouse Visa. Always speak to lawyer before you start the process as there might be issues you have overlooked when making the application.

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K3 Visa Application Process

US EmbassyIf you are the wife/spouse of a US citizen then you can apply for a K3 Spouse Visa to enter the United States of America. You can apply for a non-immigrant K3 Visa outside of the US to join your husband in the United States.

Adjustment of Status

Once you have married your fianceeUS Embassy in the United States within the 90 day period you have to adjust her status and file for an adjustment of status. This will allow her more rights in the United States and is in fact a Green Card. See the rest the article for more details.

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